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Note:  3-9 (or more) repetitions each.  Exercises 2-4:  Inhale through nose, exhale with mouth; Inhale as long as possible, up to 9 seconds, Exhale more quickly and forcefully initially, until you are breathing deeply and subtly all the time. 

1. “Heimlich” Jump-start, or Chi PR:  Fist with left hand, covered by right hand, forcefully Exhale stale, stagnant Breath/Energy from lower abdomen.  Emphasis on the Exhale and Purging the system.

2.  Circling Hands:  Inhale from lower abdomen with hands circling up in front, shoulder width, Exhale down and out front of body and lower abdomen.  Emphasis is equally on Filling (Inhaling) and Emptying (Exhaling)

3.  One Lung At  A Time:  stretch arms, hands, fingers—esp. thumbs—out to sides as you Inhale to capacity, then Exhale across and down to each side.  Emphasis is now moving more toward lengthening the Inhalation.

4.  Fetal or Womb Breathing:  Start curled up, fully Exhale, then begin to slowly unfurl, opening your eyes and mind, and rise up as you Inhale, raising the arms finally overhead and return to the Cosmic Oneness again as you Exhale back down.  Key:  Slow the Inhalation to coordinate with your Unfolding movement, which reach their maximum simultaneously.

5.  The Butterfly Emerges:  Continue breathing deeply and fully from, with, and into your lower abdomen, with increasing subtlety.  Use the hands and arms to magnify the expansion and contraction movement, testing your wings and feeling the breath and chi throughout your body.